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Women in leadership

This is another missional issue in our society. The church is seen as having a negative attitude to women, and this is a barrier to the gospel for many – and not just women.

The danger is that many assume that true biblical orthodoxy means women cannot be in church leadership (partly persuaded, no doubt, by those loud voices that insist this is the only view) and so there is a half-hearted and lukewarm affirmation of women in a leadership role.

There is a clear biblical case to be made for women in leadership – and it needs to be made more compellingly within churches determined to be true to scripture and open to the Spirit.

Kate Coleman gave a brilliant communication on this issue at out first-ever Theology Summer School – we recommend a careful listening to Women in leadership – the next stage in the journey:


Here are some articles that highlight key issues in this discussion:

This article was posted on 18 June 2013.