About us

Welcome to our website we hope that as you have a look around our pages you will get a flavour of who and what Fresh Streams is all about.

We are a national network equipping, inspiring, connecting, resourcing and giving courage to leaders and leadership teams as we serve our churches and communities.

We connect with over 350 church leaders and leadership teams from over 100 local churches in England and Wales. Whilst the vast majority of these churches are primarily within the Baptist Union of Great Britain we are not exclusively working with just Baptist leaders and churches we have some significant relationships with non baptist churches and also ministries that work inter denominationally.

As we develop Fresh Streams as a “word and spirit” network, for 2019 we have reviewed and identified the following 5 priorities:

·         Pioneering and Mission;

·         Women in Leadership;

·         Millennials;

·         Children, Youth and Family Ministry;

·         Leadership Development

Our desire is to be a movement informed by the Word and inspired by the Spirit to speak peacefully in a world of violence, truthfully in a world of lies, courageously in a world of fear and compassionately in a world of hate and hopefully in a world of turbulence.

Do contact us if you’d like to know more or would like to explore how to connect more intentionally.