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The Leadership Team of Fresh Streams want to make this statement…

In the light of the tragic death of George Floyd and many others who have been unlawfully killed, assaulted or insulted, we say ENOUGH.

The dehumanisation of others based on their skin colour has to stop. Anti-Racist behaviour denies the most basic premise in God’s creation that we are all equally precious and of value. Systemic racism in workplaces, education, courts and the Church is a denial of God’s justice.

We call on every church leader and church in relationship with Fresh Streams to stand against all forms of racist behaviour from stupid jokes and naïve comments to horrendous violence and death. For those within Fresh Streams who are not from BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds, we commit to be allies and to listen and learn.

Rev Dr Kate Coleman from Next Leadership in the UK urges all of us to try to understand the daily realities of black people and to speak out about racial injustice. “Don’t pretend there isn’t a problem and don’t just say, ‘I’m not racist. Go beyond that.”

Fresh Streams wants to support and honour men and women of every ethnicity in the UK and across the global Church by listening to diverse ethnic voices and standing with men and women of colour in all their experiences.

Our aim as a network is to declare and actively demonstrate that every person bears God’s image and that all men and women should be honoured whatever our colour, language or national heritage.

We ask you to pray for all men women, boys and girls who are experiencing confusion, pain or anger because of racism perpetrated against them or their families.

Let us seek forgiveness for past sins, unconscious bias acts, ignorance and carelessness, realising that we are complicit in injustice if we remain silent.

May we look to God more fervently, asking Him to move powerfully though his people to bring understanding, hope and reconciliation now, and for the coming generations.

Andy Glover; Ali Summers; Pete Everitt; Amy Wearing; Mark Elder

Over the months of June and July our friends at Kyria are hosting two live online discussions specifically addressing the issues of racism in and out of the Church

We are grateful to have the voices of these highly influential women in the UK Church who have agreed to join us for these discussions which will lead to actions.

We invite you and your friends to watch, listen, learn and comment.

15th June and 13th July at 7:30pm – Facebook Live!

15th June

Hosted by Yasmin Udugba (Skylark Church) and Amy Summerfield (CEO Kyria Network)

Panel – Olivia Amartey (Executive Director Elim International) Dorcas Korsah (Nursing Assistant) , Grace Marshall (Head coach, chief encourager, author and productivity ninja), Pastor Abby Olufeyimi (Builders House) and Oge Austin-Chukwu (GP, Founder and CEO Reach Coaching, Kyria Team Member) Amanda Jackson ( Director of the WEA Women’s Commission, Kyria Chair)

13th July

Hosted by Yasmin Udugba (Skylark Church) and Amy Summerfield (CEO Kyria Network)

Panel –  Dr Kate Coleman (Leadership Consultant Next Level Leadership) Rev Dr Sharon Prentis (Intercultural Mission Enabler & Dean of Black & Minority Ethnic Affairs) Lisa Leonce (Director efiL Coaching , Kyria Team Member)  Amanda Jackson ( Director of the WEA Women’s Commission, Kyria Chair) Ehi Anyebe (Law Student)

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