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Gay marriage

Thinking biblically, thinking missionally

We asked Nigel Wright to write a paper for us on this topic. Neil Brighton at Poynton has also made available some study material he produced for his own church; and because real issues affect real people, we have also included the first of some relevant stories.

Let us know what you think! There is always space for you to comment – so let’s have a helpful conversation about this highly topical issue – and one which has enormous missional implications.

Mark Elder gave a very well-received option at our 2014 national conference entitled Christianity and Homosexuality (audio)(PowerPoint) – he emphasises that these are personal views reached after engaging with this issue over a number of years.

Peter and Kim Brookes were also at the conference. They have formed Eklektos, a support network for Christian parents of gay or lesbian children. Find out more at the Eklektos website.

At our first-ever Theology Summer School, Phil Robinson took a session on Christianity and homosexuality: navigating the minefield with grace and truth – which you can hear using this link

This article was posted on 5 June 2013.