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  What we offer

Fresh Streams is, in essence, a relational network, so we want to offer meaningful opportunities to build friendships that have purpose; giving courage to leaders and leadership teams as we serve our churches and communities.

Opportunities to be together, obviously helps this to happen so we encourage you to prioritise and come to our National Leadership Conference in the January of each year, our National Prayer and Fasting Day in May as part of a smaller 36hr Gathering for leaders and one of our regional Prayer and Fasting Days in October; all these are great opportunities for equipping, inspiring, connecting and resourcing one another.

One of our 6 values is Partnership, not ownership, by this we mean we will demonstrate a commitment to partner with others to advance God’s Kingdom across the UK, prioritising working together with others with similar vision and values both locally and nationally. We are developing partnerships through the friendships we have within the network some of these are Open Doors UK, Renew Wellbeing, DNA, Next Leadership, Light Project and New Wine. Plus partnering with others within Baptists Together on specific projects e.g Pioneering and Mission.

To facilitate this we encourage individuals to become Fresh Streams Partners. You can find out more by exploring Fresh Streams partners.

If you would like to become a Fresh Streams partner yourself, and commit to the life of the network through friendship, finance and focus then please – contact the Fresh Streams Office.

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