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Our Story

Where we came from

Fresh Streams started in the 1970s as Mainstream, a renewal movement within the Baptist denomination – its formal name was Mainstream (Baptists for Life and Growth).

Where we are going

Having seen its original vision largely fulfilled, Fresh Streams is now developing as a movement of leaders and churches committed to seeking God as we stand alongside one another to share in God’s mission in the world. We are a home to churches and church leaders both within and beyond the Baptist Union. We are exploring growing links with other networks, especially New Wine. We believe there is a wealth of experience and wisdom amongst us that can help us all express mission effectively.

We are looking to build:

Anointed ministries – these are about people, not organisations. Apostolic people would need to be at the heart of apostolic centres.

Apostolic centres – ministries, primarily but not exclusively, churches, with the size, resources and track record to be able to offer a real service to others (not dissimilar to New Wine’s hub churches) but also including other kinds of resource centres – but all with a key person rooted in Fresh Streams values and committed to active engagement with Fresh Streams: kingdom-focused, mission-focused, disciple-making, developing/growing leaders, continual encouragement of the exercise of spiritual gifts, receiving apostolic input, innovative & risk-taking; on a journey to excellence, with a heart to give away to others.

Affirming clusters – small groups of ministers/leaders, invited by a Fresh Streams person with a sense of apostolic ministry, who respond with a commitment to participate. These are not local fraternals with a choice of regular attendance, but a commitment to accountability and attendance. We recognise that many are finding this role fulfilled within other networks (or none), not least New Wine. We do not believe every leader should be in a Fresh Streams cluster; but every leader should aim to be in a cluster, and where none exists, encouragement is given to set one up under the Fresh Streams banner.

Kingdom coalitions – we are committed to pursuing kingdom coalitions with New Wine and others for the purpose of renewing and refreshing the church in Word and Spirit for mission.

Within this framework we want to explore and model new ways of working, especially among Baptist churches, focusing on what we believe to be key issues: Spirit-filled ministry; kingdom building; apostolic leadership; ministerial formation and training; church leadership training; leadership continuity; affirming women in leadership.

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