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Andy and Sue Glover

Andy and Sue have been married since 1988 and they have lived in Hoole – and been at HBC Chester for the past 30 years — all of their married life! Through this time Andy’s role has changed considerably: he was Youth Pastor, then became the Pastor and now is known as the Team Leader. He is an accredited Baptist Union Minister.

Sue spent 16 years teaching at what was St James’ Junior school and then Hoole Primary School. Sue now works 3 days a week combining her time as a RE Consultant for East Cheshire Local Authority and for Chester Diocese. On her other 2 working days she is working closely with Andy in leading HBC, with oversight of Prayer, Prophetic and Creative areas within the church, and in their work across Chester. HBC is committed to the process of developing a Discipleship Culture with Missional Communities becoming one of the primary vehicles for expressing this.

Andy helped set up and now helps lead a relational network of churches of all denominations and streams from Cheshire West and Chester called Link Up. Link Up has been described as a unity movement and it has discipleship groups for ‘church leaders’, prayer breakfasts, Faith Forums, leaders days, and oversees and facilitates number of “joint church” community projects across West Cheshire.

Andy is Team Leader for Fresh Streams.

When not working, Andy and Sue enjoy reading, going to the cinema, and eating out. Andy also suffers from an incurable condition known as Stoke-City-itis which renders him unwell for most of the football season.

How could they help you?
Andy and Sue have over 20 years of church leadership experience working together and would love to talk with/encourage/mentor others in leadership, especially if you are looking to transition your church towards a more Discipleship and Missional emphasis or you have a vision for a husband/wife team ministry. Explore the church website and contact them via email, or phone 01244 312037.

How does Andy understand apostolic ministry? “It’s clear to me that being an apostle was of key importance to Paul’s self-understanding in the New Testament. Broadly speaking, it describes a trans-local ministry, planting, encouraging, and resourcing other leaders and churches: thinking Kingdom as well as local church. I consider it to be of crucial importance, given our local church independence, that this ministry is offered in a spirit of humility and generosity without even a hint of an authoritarian approach.”

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