Theology Track

Thinking biblically, thinking missionally

Our society teems with important issues that challenge us as churches and as individual Christians. And at the heart of that challenge is to know how to be and do ‘Word and Spirit’: how do we remain true to scripture and at the same time respond to the missional promptings of the Spirit?

So this is why, prompted and resourced by Mark Elder, we have revived a vital strand that links us to our past and will help us move forward: welcome to the Fresh Streams Theology Track!

At a recent annual conference we asked those present to indicate the two most vital topics to launch this track. The answer? Gay marriage and consumerism.

We asked Nigel Wright – as he prepares for retirement – to write us a paper on the first topic. Neil Brighton at Poynton has also made available some study material he produced for his own church; and because real issues affect real people, we have also included some relevant stories.

Glen Marshall has contributed a thought-provoking piece on consumerism – and there is a section headed Has the Church Meeting had its day? with material from Martin Young, Stephen Rand and Malcolm Egner.

Let us know what you think! There is always space for you to comment – so let’s have a helpful conversation about this highly topical issue – and one which has enormous missional implications.

PS – You will also find some material from the past on another church issue with missional implications: women in leadership

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