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Senior Minister

Heaton Baptist Church, Newcastle upon Tyne




·        committed Christian,  demonstrating a life full of faith

·        accept the beliefs being the Baptist Union’s Declaration of Principle

·        be in relationship with the Baptist Union and the association normally expressed by being on the Baptist Union’s Register of Covenanted persons Accredited for Ministry

·        supportive of the church’s relationships with other Baptist Churches, the Association and the Baptist Union

·        demonstrate a passion for supporting ministry with families and the younger generation

·        able to lead worship and prayer

·        able to teach, communicate and put a central emphasis on the bible in all areas of church life

·        demonstrate pastoral care of individuals

·        demonstrate Christian love, trust and accountability

·        put a central emphasis on personal bible study, prayer and spirit filled living

·        be passionate about the community in which the church serves, seeking to make wholesome relationships and partnerships, with both other churches as well as within the wider community

·        demonstrate a passion for outreach and evangelism,  both near and far

·        develop discipleship growth within the fellowship

·        able to relate to diverse cultures, ages and socio-economic backgrounds

·        a humble leader who both encourages and challenges people in their faith journey

·        able to develop skills and gifts within the fellowship so as to maximise the potential of the body of Christ, including being open to the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit

·        to bring organisation and coordination to the many strands of church life

·        to effectively lead the church staff team, as well as other leadership teams within the fellowship

·        to lead  the future vision of the church

to value and encourage small groups within the life of the church

Heaton Baptist Church Profile

This is an opportunity for ministry within a church that identifies with the vision and values of Fresh Streams.

As part of Fresh Streams' service to you and to the church, if your church is happy to identify with the vision and values of Fresh Streams, and are looking for paid staff – a minister or youth worker – internships or extended training opportunities, then we will be pleased to display the details here. Please contact us with the details, clearly and succinctly stating the outline of the post/opportunity, an indication of any remuneration involved, where further information can be found, and how those who are interested can apply. You can explore further church staffing opportunities at www.new-wine.org/jobs.

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