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Simon Mattholie

Simon is the CEO of Rural Ministries – quite a way from early employment in investment banking! Simon trained at Spurgeon’s College, and has worked with Finchampstead Baptist Church, North Winchester Community Church, and, most recently, was minister at Saffron Walden Baptist Church.

Simon has experience and knowledge of the rural context within the UK; also working non-denominationally to enable pioneers and churches to serve the rural context through missional communities who are grace-filled, God-empowered and contextually relevant. He says “We like to give people permission to ‘fail’”

How can he help you?

Simon would love to talk to you about how he, through Rural Ministries, could resource, support, network and train pioneers and churches in how to connect missionally with their local rural community. This could mean funding, personnel, volunteer placements and leadership development.

Explore the Rural Ministries website; contact Simon by email, or call 01799 668735.

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