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Roger Sutton

Roger is the Director of Gather, a growing network of over 110 cities and towns across the UK who have a vibrant, relational, prayerful and missional unity movement. These movements are increasingly asking the questions: How can my place be significantly transformed socially, culturally and spiritually over the next 30 years? How can the Church in the area be One in Christ to harness its resources, to strategically co-operate together?

In the past Roger was a director of a building company, a student at Spurgeon’s College and Senior Pastor at Altrincham Baptist Church.

Roger also serves as the Co-Chair of the Trafford Partnership in his borough and is leading on an anti-poverty agenda across the area.

How can he help you?

Roger is very happy to offer advice on church leadership, unity building for transformation and civic engagement. Explore the Gather website, and you can get in touch with him via email or by calling 07894 728883.

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