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Philip Deller

Philip Deller is Team Leader at Chipping Campden Baptist Church, in the Cotswolds. CCBC has grown significantly over the past 15 years and has planted two congregations in the nearby towns of Shipston on Stour and Bidford on Avon. Philip is the founder of ‘Cornerstone Churches’  which are a cluster of local Baptist Churches in the area which share a common vision, resources and covenant on a yearly basis to walk together for the sake of the kingdom of Christ.

Philip explains “Apostolic ministry must be about God’s mission. That’s what it is through the pages of the New Testament, and that’s what it is today. Apostolic ministry inspires challenges, encourages and focuses on the Kingdom. I believe that God’s command to the first man and woman, “Be fruitful and multiply”, is a creation principle for all Kingdom work. The accent is not on the individual carrying out the ministry, but on the ministry itself, hence our preference for using the term ‘apostolic ministry’ rather than the noun ‘apostle’.”

Philip can be contacted by email.

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