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Pete Gilbert

Pete has an apostolic ministry, and has spoken powerfully into the life of Fresh Streams in recent years. He is both the Dna team leader, and also the team leader of Straithnairn Community Church, Inverness.

He has been fully focussed on ministry since his student days at Hull University, initially as Director of Waltham Forest Youth for Christ, and then as an evangelist involved in church planting with Revelation Church in Chichester, Bognor Regis and Portsmouth.

He is still passionate about evangelism and church planting, and teaches, trains and develops strategies on them.

He is also committed to the discipleship and development of others into wholeness and fruitful leadership and the Dna church-based discipleship course works to this end, by developing people from your own church, or placing trainees with you as a responsibility and resource.

How could he help you?

Pete has ongoing care of ten churches, looking after and developing their leadership teams: he is available for this relational approach to Fresh Streams as appropriate.

He also mentors a number of church or Christian organisation leaders or Christian business men on a regular one to one basis; this too is potentially available to church leaders connected to Fresh Streams.

He is also willing to conduct in-depth church evangelism audits, producing recommendations on structure, strategy, training and activities.

He can also offer teaching series on evangelism, discipleship, Holy Spirit, etc.

Explore the Dna website, and contact Pete by email or call 01428 653560.

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