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Mark Hatto

Minister/Team Leader at Emmanuel Baptist Church Swanage, Mark has previously been at Streetly Community Baptist, Sutton Coldfield and Bromham Baptist, Bedford. His training at Regents Park College, Oxford came after work in housing, mental disability and with British Youth For Christ.

Mark is involved in all aspects of local church ministry – leadership (structures, etc); staff teams; visionary stuff; aspects of church growth; preaching; teaching; pastoral; prayer ministry, community outreach & mobilisation; some dimensions (now finished) of a church building rebuilding project (!); developing the prophetic aspects of church life; certain dynamics of spiritual warfare/tackling strongholds/issues in the town; corporate/cross-church projects and relationships.

How could he help you?

Mark is happy to have his brain picked on all or any of these issues, or just to offer a listening ear; he’s also open to discussing the possibility of mentoring. Contact Mark by email or call 01929 427706 or 07742 147105.

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