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Graham Jefferson

Graham spent the first six years of ministry in Deptford, in London’s dockland, where he discovered that God can work in even the toughest of situations. Two years writing for CPO (Christian Publishing & Outreach) in Worthing followed, as Graham originated tracts, booklets and Bible study courses, many of which are still in use in UK churches of all denominations. Today, Graham is a trustee of CPO helping the company to rise to the challenges of the digital age.

After 28 years,Graham laid down the responsibility of being pastor of New Life Church in Worthing to give himself more fully to the task of encouraging leaders and strengthening churches at home and abroad. He has served Mainstream, now Fresh Streams, in various capacities for many years.

How could he help you?

Graham personally mentors more than a dozen church leaders, but has room for more! Having been released from the 24-7 responsibility of church leadership, he is available for Sunday & mid-week ministry and church weekends: Graham is married to Rosemary, a singer songwriter, and they often minister together.

Graham has taught extensively on the Father Heart of God, God’s Calling and the Gifts & Ministries of the Holy Spirit. He also hosts Fresh Streams Leadership Encouragement Days in Worthing, usually in partnership with the New Wine network.

If you think Graham might be able to help you or your church, why not email him or call 01903 266002 or 07840 722203.

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