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Chris Duffett

Chris lives near Cambridge with his wife Ruth and 3 young-ish children. He is a street evangelist and artist who founded The Light Project, a growing network of people who reveal Jesus and train others in theology and evangelism. Chris’ passion is to help churches in creativity and Holy Spirit empowered ways of sharing the good news of Jesus.

Chris currently serves as the city center chaplain in Peterborough. Chris’ most recent book ‘Big Hearted’ is described by John Drane as ‘invaluable inspiration– though for church life as it now is, it needs to carry a health warning!’ Chris loves to blog and you can read about his adventure at www.chrisduffett.com

What Chris offers:
Chris doesn’t work on a Saturday, so training can happen on a Sunday all day or a combination of Sunday and Monday for a Church and leadership teams. Alternatively you may wish to book Chris just for a Sunday morning or for a couple of days during the week.

Training. This can be tailor made for the church and or leadership teams, ranging from creativity and the gospel to Treasure Hunting to how to engage with your community.

Consultancy. How do we transform our church from maintenance to mission? This involves Chris meeting with Church leaders and representatives from the church facilitating a day evaluating what the Church is doing to reach out into the community. The day will cover the churches effectiveness and identify areas for improvement in mission and how to better develop a strategy that enables the church to see strangers become friends become disciples.

Brighter- a course to help you shine. 5 evenings designed to help Christians have confidence in their story and prepare them to be creative in how they share it. Each evening has creative challenges set.

Explore the Light Project and Chris’s blog. Get in touch with Chris via email

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