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Chris Densham

Chris is married to Lyn and they have two grown up sons. Prior to Baptist ministry he worked in the pharmaceutical Industry in a variety of roles. He was Minister at Hoddesdon Baptist Church for 12 years and is currently Lead Minister at Dereham Baptist Church. He first attended the then Mainstream Conference as a student and has been involved ever since, running local gatherings in Hertfordshire & Norfolk as well as being engaged at the national level..

Dereham Baptist, like so many other churches, is in the process of transformation from an excellent central attractional model into a variety of diverse expressions of church. This has come about through significant engagement with the local community, commitment to migrant workers, especially Portuguese speakers, training and development of leaders and persistently plodding in the right direction!

How could he help you?

Chris would be delighted to talk to/encourage/equip individuals or churches that are embarking on a similar journey. Call on 01362 695221 or email

Church website: www.derehambaptist.org

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