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Cham Kaur-Mann

Cham Kaur-Mann has nearly 25 years leadership experience, in the church, charity and voluntary sectors and is a mentor and coach to leaders. She is the first (and currently only) Asian woman minister within the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Cham is a director of Next Leadership and Chair of the Nehemiah Foundation, a UK organisation helping to deliver practical, community based regeneration at a neighbourhood level.

Cham also works with The Cinnamon Network as the Trainers Team Manager for Training Facilitators (this network ‘exists to serve the nation by making it as easy as possible for local churches to help those most at need in their communities’).

She is a motivational speaker with a unique and compelling ability to ‘story a story’.  Cham mentors, coaches and supports leaders from a variety of sectors.  She is author of ‘Images of Jesus’ and ‘Are there traditional “women’s ministries”?’

Cham’s passion is to encourage and develop leaders to reach their full potential, wherever they serve.

How could she help you?

Cham would be happy to hear from you to see how she might be of help on any of these issues. For more information explore the Next Leadership website and contact Cham by email or call 07886 633831.

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