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Ashley Hardingham

Ashley Hardingham was a member of the Mainstream North leadership team for many years. Ashley originally began attending Mainstream events in 1994 and saw the gatherings, times of sharing and the teaching input to be essential in shaping and defining his ministry and theological understanding.

Ashley ministered on the Buttershaw Estate in Bradford before moving to be the first minister of a plant in North Leeds, Chapel A. Since 2011 Ashley has been the Lead Minister at Altrincham Baptist Church where he has recently completed his MTh in preaching. ‘ABC’ is now on the verge of developing Missional Communities as their primary discipleship and mission model.

How could he help you?

Ashley is experienced in preaching and teaching, (and might equally teach about preaching!) A combination of his past employment as a city trader, love of reading and strong call to discover the Christian truth in all areas of life means that contextualisation and application are key aspects of his life and work.

He can be contacted by email, or phone 07894 728886.

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