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Anne Carter

Anne is now a member of Lawn Community Church, Swindon. Her current focus is on mentoring, coaching and training, working particularly with Gallup’s StrengthsFinder tool, coaching individuals to discover and work with their strengths. The tool is relevant for teens to top professionals, including those lacking self-esteem, those seeking to take an in-depth look at where they are in order to re-focus (some have done this in Sabbatical),  for help when seeking new employment and much more.

It is also very relevant to team work, enabling organisations and leadership teams to discover each other’s strengths and preferences in depth and to enhance ways of working together.

Anne was at Trafalgar Road Baptist Church from 1973-2001, in children’s work, as a deacon, groups’ coordinator and much more. She worked as Trainer and Counselling Supervisor with Crucible Christian Counselling, and as Victim Support coordinator. Then she trained for Baptist ministry at Regents Park and became Minister of Forest Row Baptist Church, then Minister within an ecumenical team in West Swindon, a CEO coach and trainer at StrengthsNet UK.

How can she help you?

Anne is happy to offer individual mentoring – one-off or longer term – face-to-face, Skype or phone and facilitation of growth and change with leadership teams. In addition she can offer a Small Group Facilitators Training Course.

You can contact Anne via email, or call 01793 737344.

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