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Fresh Streams partners

These church leaders are journeying with the Fresh Streams network in relationship, committed to its vision and values, identifying with it and available for further involvement.

At the heart of this is friendship, a relational commitment to each other expressed through the national conference, prayer and fasting days and times of gathering together.

Many of these partners are resourcing the wider church in a whole variety of ways – innovative training, encouraging rural churches, mentoring other leaders and churches, building regional hubs.

All are committed to being available to offer friendship, encouragement and support to other church leaders, helping to hold them accountable to following up on what they believe God has been saying to them.

Fresh Streams endorses all this vital contribution to the work of the Kingdom and commends our partners as a resource to the wider church.

Our aim is to develop the list below so that you can click on each name and find out more about that person, their experience and passions, so that you can contact them and explore how they might be able to help you and your church grow in the Spirit, focus on mission and build a relevant and vibrant discipleship culture.

We have decided that because we work on the basis of friendship, Fresh Streams will not partner with organisations or churches, but with individuals. Many of these individuals, however, are experienced and passionate about specific issues – and often that is channelled through a particular organisation – in the list below we have highlighted the issue and indicated the organisation they are connected with. They would be delighted to offer further help in these areas.

Fresh Streams partners

If you would like to consider become a Fresh Streams partner yourself, committed to contributing to the life of the network through friendship, finance and focus contact the Fresh Streams Office email


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