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Our Vision and Values

Our vision

To unite, encourage and resource leaders and churches…
to be passionate about God, real in relationships and stuck into God’s mission…
missionary leaders growing missionary disciples…
longing to see this country reached and transformed by the power of the Gospel!

Our values

Deeper In

Further Out

Encountering God

Enabling authentic encounters with God as we unite, encourage and resource leaders and churches to be passionate about him.

Word and Spirit

Deriving all we believe, teach and do from the Bible as the written Word of God, seeking to hear and obey the voice of the Spirit speaking to us individually and collectively and seeing his power released in and through the church and community.

Following Jesus

We are called to ministry in the pattern of Jesus: incarnational; holistic compassionate concern, authoritative preaching and teaching, signs and wonders; the sacrificial way of the cross; experiencing the power of his resurrection.

Mission-focused engagement

Putting God’s mission at the heart of everything we are and we do, modelling missionary leadership and encouraging missionary discipleship so that people are saved and lives and communities transformed.

Relating, releasing, resourcing

The strength of the network depends on our commitment together to be real in relationships. Together we can release the full potential of God’s people in missional activity. Through these relationships we can explore vital expressions of apostolic ministry.

Partnership, not ownership

We will demonstrate a commitment to partner with others to advance God’s Kingdom across the UK, prioritising working together with others with similar vision and values both locally and nationally.

Rob White stepped down from leadership a while back. He remains passionate about the core values of Fresh Streams, as he explained at one annual Conference:

1. The power of the Spirit. We are a Word and Spirit network, but we as leaders are prone to major on the Word and minor on the Spirit. It’s less risky (except the possibility of boring people with poor preaching, or saying something they don’t like!). We can download aids for preaching, even whole sermons, but we can’t download aids for the Holy Spirit’s power – it’s God who downloads the Spirit to us, and then we take the risks as we step out in ministry. Ever since creation the Spirit has put God’s resources in human hearts & hands. The Spirit’s power is not a fad, phase or fringe benefit, but foundational and fundamental to mission, lifestyle and worship. We need the Spirit to infect, infuse, inspire and invigorate our churches, so we must preach the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit and practise his presence without fear or favour, let or hindrance. Without the Holy Spirit’s power we’ll get reduced from the Acts of the Apostles to merely the ‘Facts of the Apostles’.

2. Unity. “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity… for there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life for evermore”. Unity is not an imposition, interruption or impracticality, but an imperative – “Maintain the unity of the Spirit…” (Ephesians 4). We can’t obtain it; Jesus did that. But we’re commanded to maintain it. There are lots of right-sounding words spoken about unity, but not nearly as much action. It’s no good prattling, preaching or even praying about unity – we have to practise it. It means getting alongside others – bigger churches sharing their resources with less well-resourced churches, and learning from those smaller churches which often have greater faith and tenacity, and leaders helping one another. It’s about intentional, purposeful gathering, bringing encouragement, help, and sharing resources.

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