National Day of Prayer Wembley – what next?

Jonathan Oloyede sees the 29 September event, attended by 32,000 Christians, as beginning a cascade of prayer now sweeping across the country as a catalyst for national transformation.

“NDOP Wembley was the fulfilment of a dream and vision to see the Lord move in this nation, which He dropped in my heart 17 years ago.  It was the end of a chapter of my life and the beginning of a new journey,” he says.

He adds: “We believe the momentum and legacy of the praise wave is sweeping out of Wembley and across the nation as people are now bedding down to hold events and initiatives where they are right across the UK.”

This has resulted in many strategic prayer initiatives including:

  • Regions are now praying for seven days and nights each week and passing the baton to the next region. Several towns and cities are involved including Exeter, Leicester, the South East and North West carrying on into 2013 and beyond.
  • UNITED – a group of organisations working together to empower young people to be agents of unity, prayer & transformation will be running a year of unbroken prayer for the nation throughout 2013.
  • The Neighbourhood Prayer Network, which was launched at NDOP Wembley has been inundated with hundreds of people signing up to pray for their streets across the UK.

“The Lord said to us don’t start anything new but join the dots. We know that different regions have visions and initiatives that they already carry which they brought with them to Wembley”

Several cities have also contacted NDOP organisers wanting to hold their own regional stadium prayer events in 2013.  In response NDOP will be providing support and insight from hosting four stadium events.

“We are putting together all the lessons we learned from West Ham to Milwall and Wembley and we’ll be making it available to anyone wanting to put on an event to help them not make the same mistakes.  It will also help to build on the wonderful things that have happened in our own journey of putting on stadium events as well.”

NDOP will also be announcing exciting plans for 2013 but in the meantime they also want people to continue to use social media feeds telling everyone to join the momentum of praying the Lord’s Prayer at noon everyday.

NDOP is also inviting everyone to join a special Wembley Thanksgiving Night of Prayer and Worship on November 21 at the Emmanuel Christian Centre on Marsham Street in Westminster, London from 7-10pm.

It will be an evening of prophetic worship and prayer for all churches, pastors, leaders, youth groups, intercessors and networks to give thanks for all that God did at NDOP Wembley.


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