Community transformation

Last month’s meeting hosted by The Cinnamon Network focused on the stories and opportunities for churches (and groups of churches) to engage with their community through ‘franchised’ community transformation projects. There were some great stories – and it was really encouraging to know that there are now more than 2000 churches in the UK already making a difference through these kind of projects.

The meeting highlighted a church running a fitness centre on its premises that offered a holistic understanding of fitness and also generated income for other projects; an exciting IT support model that offered training and employment for people struggling to find work and linked the church to local businesses; a church family support project that had been so successful they had been asked to take responsibility by the county council for family support across the whole county.

Nick Hurd, Government Minister for Civil Society, addressed the meeting, recognising the “crisis of trust” around the country and affirming the role of the church as a key player in developing community transformation through social action and social enterprise.

The Cinnamon Network is offering to ‘strengthen your muscles’ for community transformation by

  1. Sign posting you to 23 exemplary and replicable community transformation projects
  2. Granting you £2,000 to help you start a replicable community transformation project
  3. Encouraging you in your unity amongst the local churches in your locality in order to achieve greater community transformation

To access funding now click here – and if you are not looking for that right now, why not view the projects and read the stories – they will put a spring in your step!

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