DNA – a new partnership

Fresh Streams is partnering with DNA and highlighting their one year programme that develops the theological skills and character development of potential and emerging leaders.

The Fresh Streams leadership team met with Pete Gilbert of DNA and recognised the need for training that took issues of Word and Spirit seriously and encouraged a hunger for church leadership as a calling from God clearly focused on teh mission of the church.

Andy Glover says “For us the themes of discipleship and mission are central to fulfilling our vision, so to partner with DNA makes absolute sense; we’re convinced that working with them will enable churches to raise up new leaders with confidence.”

Pete Gilbert echoes Andy’s words:“It is such a privilege and honour to be able to serve churches with the development of their own people – we are thrilled to have such an opportunity to serve the churches linked to Fresh Streams, and we look forward to building with them over the coming months and years in the development of emerging leaders.”

You can explore the opportunities offered by DNA at www.dna-uk.org; you could also explore one of the DNA Taster Days for yourself – and/or highlight it to your potential and emerging leaders.

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